Farmers Community

Meet Our Farmers' Family

As a bank founded and led by the same family for more than 70 years, the feel around here is a little different than other banks. We're built on a family foundation that we strive to extend to our customers and community. It all starts with a feeling of family on the inside, from gathering for employee-made birthday lunches every month to volunteering together at a variety of community events. Whether we're serving you and your banking needs, or meeting you at community events and activities, the staff of Farmers & Merchants Bank wants to make you feel like family.



               Craig Bednarek                                   Emily Beltran                                          Greg Beltran                                          Emma Blazel

       Sys Analyst/Credit Analyst II                                 Student/Teller II                                                  CISO/CTO/CIO                                            Student/Teller II


                     Amy Briese                                          Emily Burns                                          Brooke Busse                                          Kyle Camp

                Internal Auditor II                                           Credit Analyst I                                           Deposit Ops Specialist I                                          Receptionist


                    Karen Coats                                          Judie Drexler                                       Kelly Drover                                    Kelly Featherston

                        Teller II                                                              Controller                                                   Internal Auditor II                      Executive Assist./Retail Banking Supv.


                   Angie Fralish                                    Jeanae Gimenez                                        Maria Graf                                             Deby Gray

                        CS Rep II                                                     Student/Teller II                                            Universal Loan Officer I                          Director of Human Resources


                     Cathy Habener                                   David Heet                                          Ann Henricksen                                   Austin Johnson

                      System Admin                                           Network Admin I                                           Loan Ops Specialist I                                        Student/Teller II


                    Kathy Johnson                                     Tressa King                                    Stephanie Klika                                      Amanda Krause

                  Buisness Dev. Officer                       Deposit Ops Specialist I                                      Student/Teller II                                            Deposit Operations Supv.


                    Paul Krause                                          Kristy Kresal                                        Catherine Kujawa                                Harry Kujawa

                Director of Facilities                                Loans Ops Supervisor                                     Chief Business Officer                                      Student/Teller II


                   John Kujawa                                            Paul Kujawa                                      Peter Kujawa                                        Joyce LaBuda

                President Emeritus                                                   CEO                                                      Chief Credit Officer                                           Collections Coord.


                     April Lueck                                           Mike LuedtkeMike                                   Elizatbeth Eli Macedo                                 Robert Malchetske

         Accounting Specialist II                                Loans Review Officer                                   Deposit Ops Specialist I                                      Investments Officer


             Hannah Markowski                                    JodiJo Markowski                                     Jessica  Martin                                 Brenda Mastricola

                   Student/Teller II                                        Universal Loan Officer II                                Universal Loan Officer I                                   Office Janitor


             Thomas McCarthy                                    Beth Nighbor                                       Heather Olson                                 Amanda Osterberg

                General Counsel                                                      Teller II                                               Universal Loan Officer IV                                Loan Ops Specialst II


                Bria Osterberg                                     Dane Osterberg                                     Karen  Paugels                                          Gail Pierotti

                 Student/Teller II                                                        Teller II                                                               CS Rep II                                                           Office Janitor


                  Penny Pipping                                 DarDraDarlene Rasmussen                              Kristin Robinson                                   David Rucker

               Document Specialist                                 Deposit Ops Specialist I                                          CS Rep II                                               Universal Loan Officer III


       Sharon Schultz-Barnard                              JulJulia Silloway                                         Tami TTami Smith                                      Brad Stellmacher

                            Teller II                                                        Student/Teller II                                                      Teller II                                                 Universal Loan Officer II


              Kellen Stellmacher                                  Ashley Tesch Ashl                                 Karen ThomaKaren                                        Nicole Thomas

             Director of Marketing                                    Rotational Analyst                                               Office Janitor                                                        Teller II


                 Robert Thorsen                                   Paula Trochinski                                        Kr  Kristi Utecht                                     Rachel Walker

                Investments Officer                                 Investment Admin Asst.                                   Lending Admin Asst. I                                Loan Ops Specialist II


                     Ryan Wenig                                        Jack Werch                                       Kr       Pat Yonke 

                    Student/Teller II                                              Student/Teller II                                        Universal Loan Officer I