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Farmers and Merchants Bank is committed to protecting our customers from cyber criminals. Below are some helpful tips and resources to guard yourself from scams and get back to what you do best-business.

How will you know it's us?

Farmers and Merchants Bank will never ask you to send personal information or login credentials through email. If you have received an email requesting this information or are in question of whether an email or pop up window is authentic, please call us immediately at (920) 361-1454.

Useful products to reduce your risk:

Direct Deposit (ACH)-Deposit funds directly in your employees accounts and diminish the risk of debit fraud. Learn More

Current Scam Alerts

FDIC Tips on Identity Theft and Fraud

FBI: Fraud Advisory for Businesses

Identity Theft Prevention for Businesses

Fraud & Phishing Resources

Phishing Emails–Don't Take The Bait!

Online Safety Resource Guide (Jam-packed with more than 60 individual resources aimed to keep you safe online.)

Those (not really) IRS Calls

Protect Your Identity

Farmers and Merchants Bank is the biggest ally in helping to assure our customers are aware of the risks of identity theft. No matter your banking method, we'll do our best to educate, avoid and act on this criminal activity.

Identity theft can occur in three common methods; phone, email or in person. If you question any suspicious activity, and want to make sure it's legitimate Farmers and Merchants Bank communication, double check the authenticity with us by calling (920) 361-1454. As always, we are more than happy to help ease your mind.

FTC Tips on Identity Theft Prevention

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6 Ways College Students Can Protect Against Identity Theft


"Free" Trial Offers?

Some companies use "free" trial offers as a lure, but don't make their cancellation policies obvious.  You could have a monthly or annual subscription that costs you more than what you signed up for.

Here's What To Do