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Founding Family

portrait of family leadership

Our unique family leadership structure gives us the opportunity to serve our customers and the community in an equally unique way–like family. We get to know you–really get to know you–so that we can serve you better and differently than any other bank you've experienced.

Since Harry Kujawa founded Farmers & Merchants bank in 1940, there has been a Kujawa family member leading the bank's vision and serving its customers.

Harry's son John returned to Berlin to work at the bank in 1961 after earning a degree in Finance & Banking from Marquette University and serving in the US Army. When Harry passed away in 1989, John was elected bank President.

Although they spent their childhood working odd jobs at the bank including janitorial duty, the 3rd generation began formally serving the bank's customers in the late 1980s:

  • Catherine Kujawa returned to the bank in 1989 after earning a degree in Finance and Marketing from Marquette University, along with an MBA from St. Louis University. She also attended the Graduate School of Banking at UW-Madison.
  • Paul Kujawa began with Farmers & Merchants Bank in 1991, after graduation with a degree in Business Finance from the University of Wisconsin. Paul later earned an MBA in Finance from Marquette University and attended UW Madison's Graduate School of Banking.
  • Peter Kujawa joined his father and siblings at Farmers & Merchants in 1998 after receiving his undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin. He also attended the Graduate School of Banking at UW-Madison.

Today, John, Catherine, Paul and Peter work together to fulfill their father & grandfather's vision of serving their customers and community like family.