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In every family, there are stories that are handed down from generation to generation. These stories not only entertain and educate, but act as the foundation for a family's culture.

The Farmers & Merchants Bank family is no different. As an introduction to our family, we share with you our stories.

Harry Kujawa, 123 W. Huron St., Berlin. 1940.
This photo was taken shortly after Harry Kujawa founded the bank in 1940. The photographer was Harry’s son, John, our current President, when he was about 7 years old. This was just one of many odd jobs assigned to young John.
John fondly remembers walking down to the bank from his home on Liberty Street to help out at the bank, or to join his Dad and other downtown business owners for coffee at one of the local coffee shops. “To see who was paying for coffee each day, they played a number-guessing game,” John says. “They made the biggest deal out of who had to ante up each day.”
Other days, he had cleaning or paperwork duties…almost anything a young child could handle. We’re glad you became a photographer on this day, John.
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Customer Stories
"When I worked at WISS radio station that was next door to the bank, Mr. Kujawa walked by everyday.  He would stop in front of the window and always wave and smile.  I remember thinking his family and employees must be very fortunate to have such a dear sweet man.  I think he had the warmest, most genuine smile I ever saw.  Seeing him walk past the window was the highlight of the entire staff's day!"--As told by Midge Seaman, about our founder Harry Kujawa.