Banking Tools

Digital Wallet

Introducing an easy way to pay.  Just tap, click, pay, and be on your way.

With a quick tap of your smartphone or smartwatch you can use your Farmers & Merchants Bank credit or debit cards to pay at the gas station, favorite lunch spot and lots of other places you buy from. 


Tap and pay with these trusted wallets:


Setup is simple

Apple Pay:  Apple Pay is automatically on supported devices.  Set up Apple Pay

Samsung Pay:  Download the Samsung Pay app from the Google Play store. Then, set up Samsung Pay

Google Pay:  Download the Google Pay app from the Google Play store.  Then, set up Google Pay


Note: For a list of supported devices view our digital wallet cheat sheet


Layers of added security

Every time you use any of these wallets, a one-time use code is generated so that your payment details are never stored on your device or shared with merchants.


Look for the contactless symbol when you want to make an in-store purchase.


Tap your device to use your debit or credit card at millions of locations, including these stores:


For troubleshooting, take a peek at our digital wallet user cheat sheet